Jammin Baby Class Policies

ARRIVE ON TIME OR EARLY: Please arrive on time or early as class will start on time – arriving early allows your child to adjust to the new environment and prepare to engage in musical activities.

CLASS CANCELLATIONS: You will receive a call if your class is canceled, or if your first class choice is not available. If consecutive classes don't have a minimum enrollment, they will be combined and times will be merged (example: 9:30 and 10:30 would be combined into a 10:00 class. Families are not obligated to enroll if there is a merge.). If a class is canceled or class time is changed, and a second choice cannot be accommodated, a full refund will be given to the registrant.

MINIMUM ENROLLMENT: All classes must enroll a minimum of 6 children in order to run.

REFUNDS: NO tuition refunds will be given after the first day of the session. Credit towards a future session maybe issued in exceptional circumstances (This will be determined on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Director.) In the event of an exceptional circumstance, a materials fee of $38.00 ($30 for Summer programs) plus a $10.00 registration fee will be deducted from all credits issued for families who withdraw after the first week of classes.

LATE REGISTRATION: Families may register, if space remains, until the 3rd week of the term. Tuition may be pro-rated after the semester begins, if you are unable to make up the missed classes.

TUITION ASSISTANCE: We offer a limited number of scholarships for families who are unable to pay full tuition rate. Please Contact Us for more details.

MAKE-UP CLASSES: Two make ups per semester, space permitting, please call/e- mail me to schedule. If you schedule a make-up and do not show up for the make-up class you do forfeit that make-up.

CLASS CANCELLATIONS: Make-ups for class cancellations will be scheduled the week following the final week of classes at the regular time and day. If extreme weather conditions have made us cancel the class and we are unable to make up the class, no refunds will be given. We will do everything we can to make up the class at the end of the session.

HEALTHY CHILDREN! In order to maintain the highest health for our children I ask that if your child is running a temperature or has a productive cough and sneezes please do not come to class. I offer 2 make up classes per semester to each family. There are wet ones & antibacterial gel that I encourage everyone to use before and after class.

YES, YOUR CHILD CAN MOVE AROUND! Children are allowed to move freely during the class. I ask that you, as the caregiver, monitor your child’s activity to insure his/her personal safety and the safety of others. You can either stay in the circle and model your enthusiasm and enjoyment of the music, or you can bring the activity to him/her wherever he/she moves about. If he/she becomes disruptive, try to redirect him/her back to that musical activity at hand as best as you can. Feel free to take your child out of the classroom for a minute or two if he/she is having a difficult time. This can help him/her tremendously to calm down if that is what he/she needs. Please remember that we are all parents and know what it is like for a child to have difficult time at one time or another so it is most certainly not something to be embarrassed about if it should happen.

NO RUNNING PLEASE in the classroom unless it is directed as part of an activity. This is a safety issue! If your child really needs to run, feel free to take him/her outside of the building to run around and re-join us when ready.

TASTING THE INSTRUMENTS! We will be using a variety of instruments. Some children will enjoy exploring the instruments with their mouths. This is developmentally appropriate! We use a cleaning method suggested by the CDC (Center for Disease Control). After your child uses an instrument, if they mouthed it or have any chance of a cold or is getting over a cold, we ask you to put their instrument in the "Taster's Choice" box. Your teacher will spray all the instruments in the gooey box with alcohol so that they are clean for the next class. All other instruments will be lightly sprayed with alcohol each week. Periodically, all instruments will get wiped down thoroughly as well. Don't worry about your child licking an instrument cleaned with alcohol. It evaporates and takes the germs with it.

ROLE MODEL! As adults we often have the impulse to control our child’s movements and manipulate their limbs; for example, clapping their hands for them or shaking their instrument for them. This is neither necessary nor encouraged, since it restricts the child from reacting spontaneously to the musical environment. (An exception to this may be with those children who have special needs and do not have voluntary control of their limbs.) Our extensive research shows that role modeling and caregiver participation is essential to musical development in children. By simply relaxing and enjoying the process of making music yourself, YOU are the best model for your children in class. Some children will participate in all of the activities, some will observe. Please respect the unique style of your child.